Acute Surgical Management

Страниц: 716 pages
Дата публикации: World Scientific (05.07.2004)
Язык: Singapore
ISBN-10: 9814483699
ISBN-13: 9789814483698
Acute surgical emergencies constitute one of the main clinical aspects that a doctor in hospital practice is expected to handle and manage. This book addresses some of the important and common acute surgical conditions, and has been written from an Asian perspective, with extensive experimental input from practices that are more common in Europe and America. Various aspects of surgical emergencies, ranging from clinical condition to diagnosis and management, are discussed.Acute Surgical Management will be suitable for institutional clinicians and medical students, and should be especially useful to those who have some contact with patients with surgical conditions. This would include surgeons (and basic or advanced surgical trainees), emergency specialists, anaesthetists and intensivists, as well as various surgical sub-specialists.This book has been selected for coverage in:• CC / Clinical Medicine• Index to Scientific Book Contents® (ISBC)