How to Write an Exceptional Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-By-Step Guide from Proposal to Successful Defense

How to Write an Exceptional Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-By-Step Guide from Proposal to Successful Defense

Jessica Graustein

According to the Council of Graduate Schools, only 57 percent of students who start their Ph.D.s complete them within 10 years, and many times it’s the thesis or dissertation that is holding them back. But if you’re equipped with How to Write an Exceptional Thesis or Dissertation, you won’t waste precious time deliberating how to organize and execute a persuasive, thorough thesis or dissertation for both master’s and doctorate levels. Even if you have never written a paper that spanned more than five pages or spoken in front of a committee, you will learn how to easily formulate and utilize the correct research methodology, organization, citation styles, formatting options, submission guidelines, and presentation pointers to ensure that the academic world will notice — and respect — your hard work. 

With this book, you will learn everything from the ground-level basics to the more detailed breakdown of the research process. You will gain a strong understanding of the difference between a thesis and dissertation, and you will grasp the components expected of your work — regardless of the subject matter of your research. This book will walk you through the entire process step-by-step, teaching you how to structure a planning and writing schedule that will keep the process manageable and not overwhelming. You will learn how to locate and recognize a topic that is appropriate for your thesis or dissertation, and you will discover how to expand on the subject matter to ensure it’s unique and distinct from any other research out there. 

How do you know if your research proposal is too broad or too narrow? How do you know what academic assistance is available to help you further? How to Write an Exceptional Thesis or Dissertation will break it all down. In this book, you will gain insight regarding the entire research process, from organizing your literature and materials most effectively to analyzing and evaluating the big picture for defense. This book will ensure that your argument is strong, sound, and persuasive throughout your entire thesis or dissertation, from the introductory chapter through the summarizing conclusive statements, and you will learn how to do so without plagiarizing or cutting corners. You will master how to write ethically, objectively, and properly according to your academic subject’s standards, as well as how to work within a committee, work with the aid of your advisor, present your defense, and get your work published worldwide. Understand how to undergo a formal peer review and how to revise your writing to be accurate and up-to-date. With this book as your guide, you will even find out how your research can take you from a proposal to a published writing career.

Within the pages of this easy-to-understand manual are countless interviews conducted with experienced, published academic writers and researchers who dispense valuable advice that will help you succeed. Read about their trials and errors through the thesis — and dissertation — writing process from proposal to defense, and apply this knowledge to your own academic career. With this book as your guide, your thesis or dissertation will be a pleasure for you to write — and a pleasure for your academic audience to read. If you don’t think you are capable of being a groundbreaking writer and researcher in your field, think again. 



Лебедев Артём Андреевич

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Linux Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition

Linux Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition

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